Can We Have a Peer Editing Twitter Group Chat?

So some of you may recall me asking for readers for some articles I’m writing in my last post. I am very grateful for the large amount of kind people who volunteered to participate. My friend Perlem suggested that we could potentially create a sort of peer editing network, possibly through Twitter, as a place for anyone with things they want to get edited/read to share their work and read others’ work as well.

Some of my ideas:

  • Links to Google Docs will be shared. Comment and edit, but make sure to track edits so that you’re not altering the original content.
  • Anything you write is cool. Academic papers, creative writing, articles, resumes, etc. that you would like a second opinion on. Variety is greatly welcomed.
  • No strict commitment required. Don’t feel obligated to read everything, but check out whatever interests you whenever you have the time!
  • Anyone is free to join. You don’t even have to know me, really.
  • Join at any point (quit at any point too). Even if you stumble into this proposal a while after it’s been posted.

Once again, there are just so many wonderful people on WP who each have their unique writing styles and perspectives, which is why I thought such a network would be quite beneficial to all of us. You don’t necessarily need to be on WP though.

So what are you guys’ thoughts? Could this work? If you’re interested in giving it a go, comment on this post or talk to me on Twitter.

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36 thoughts on “Can We Have a Peer Editing Twitter Group Chat?

      1. Sorry to come out of nowhere haha, but if you’re having difficulties I can help you out! I’ve been in my fair share of twitter group chats.


  1. This is definitely I’d be interested in! I thought your initial post on this was a good idea, but was put off slightly by the amount of responses! o.o

    It’d be good practice for me, personally, to help others, so count me in!

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  2. This is actually a great idea! Though I would probably be more on the reading and editing than the one who puts out posts. I can proofread but my editing skills are not top notch though, but this can be a learning process too… And question: how do you track edits on google docs?

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