The Moyatorium: A Brief Existence that Hopes to Stick Around

Wow, I made it to year-end reflection time! Not that there’s much throwing-back to do with the blog’s brief history. And we all know that New Year resolutions never work for the weak-willed, but let’s have a few anyways. No, really, I’ll seriously try.

The Story So Far

2017 seems to have been a difficult year for many people, and while it wasn’t the worst year for me, it hadn’t all been fun either. Papers, existential crises, job-finding in hopes of solving existential crises…

What does that have to do with the blog? A lot, haha. I despaired during my job/co-op/internship hunt because so many positions open to Arts students require that you have social media or WordPress skills or demand article-writing samples! I then decided that I needed a blog, and chose aniblogging because I love reading people’s anime thoughts. Fun fact: I almost started a baking blog but backed out because I really suck at photography. And thus, my first anime post, 10 Best Things: Kiki’s Delivery Service was born, and I used it shamelessly as a writing sample for intern applications and added “experience with blogging platforms such as WordPress” onto my resume after that one post. Ahahaha, what a sham.

baccano disguise
fake it til you make it

It worked out okay though, because I’ll be interning as an editor/staff writer at an e-zine starting next week. That plus a full course load is overwhelming for me whenever I think about it, but I’ll try to make it happen and still slip in enough time for anime whenever.

Enough about that. I’m truly grateful that I chose aniblogging and am finding myself in such a wonderful community. I won’t deny that I was, at first, kind of alarmed when I found that there was some sort of community after being exposed to the OWLS and reading Remy and Irina‘s Discussion on Blogger Decorum (Part 1) (one of the first posts that I came across on my WordPress reader, which was pretty helpful). It felt just a little scary in the sense of feeling like being the new kid in class – the new kid who’s probably not cool enough.

madoka magica transfer student
not as cool as Homu~

But different from all the times I’ve been the new kid in a class (which is a lot, to my regret), everyone here is really welcoming, and provides supportive and constructive feedback. Thanks, nesha e’, for being the first one to follow, and Chris, for being the first like (it’s embarrassing, but these things really are remembered). I’d thank a whole lot of other people for reading and commenting and just producing awesome content in general, but I’ll save that for another post.

New Beginnings for the Moyatorium

Follow current shows: like I mentioned in 2018 Winter Anime I’ll Check Out, I’ll be trying to follow a few ongoing shows. Haven’t figured out what format I’ll use to review them, but I’m so excited.

Read some manga: I used to only be an anime person, but manga’s definitely got some amazing stuff. It’s also a lot more convenient to catch a few chapters of when you’re stuck at a bus stop waiting for a bus that never comes (I officially hate Vancouver). Also because of some amazing manga reviews I’ve read on blogs such as Krystallina‘s Daiyamanga (she posts new content on The OASG now) and Auri’s (and Nairne?) lovely Manga Toritsukareru Koto.

Make more friends: I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone’s fantastic content, and I’m making it a goal to comment more actively and constructively. People talk about collabs all the time, and I’d love to try something like that too! I’m not really familiar though, so I am in need of some guidance… But anyways, if you’re reading this, I thank you for being even mildly interested in my blog and I hope we can be friends~~

juuni taisen friends
not like that, I promise

Life Goals (Haha, these never work)




After much thought, I think I might cancel this category… Um, be a nicer person, I guess. Though that seems to imply that I haven’t been nice up until now. And I’m not going to say “be a more positive person,” because I don’t believe in optimism. Not going to say “be more outgoing” either, because that’s like asking for my life. Be a better person??

Try cool restaurants on the way to school. Yes, an attainable goal. And explore the world of cocktails and alcohol like the adult I now am, according to the law.

Read more books, because it’s kind of pathetic being a lit. major and not being very well-read.

Eat less trash. I heard that repeating things helps you remember: Eating candies is not the right way to de-stress. Eating candies is not the right way to de-stress. Eating candies is not the right way to de-stress.

Okay, that’s enough from me today. Thanks for reading, people~~~ Have a spectacular 2018!

shirobako donuts

13 thoughts on “The Moyatorium: A Brief Existence that Hopes to Stick Around

  1. I’m glad you’ve had such a positive experience with blogging. The aniblogging community really are amazing and there are so many great people to meet. Hopefully you continue to have fun in 2018 and best of luck with both your blog and real life goals.

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