Welcome to my little blog~

Hello ~

You have stumbled into this fresh little anime blog of mine; feel free to stay and read my babblings.

I’m Moyatori, and I plan to use this blog as a platform for anime-related lists, reviews, song translations, and things of the like. After school starts, I hope to update semi-regularly.

Ah, too short of an intro…? In case you still wonder who I am, or what I’m doing here with my crude blog-managing skills, let me elaborate about myself. I’m an anime-loving university student studying at UBC in Vancouver, currently working on a major in English. Like any good Asian kid, I grew up around anime and have been into some show or another since Inuyasha was on TV. Right now I don’t watch that many current shows (been catching up on some classics), but am pretty eager to get to some episodic write-ups sometime.

The name of this blog is a mix of the words “moratorium” and “moya-moya”, the first of which describes a period of delay. I came across the term in my IB Psychology class, where it was used specifically in the context of an adolescent’s questioning of their own identity before adulthood. As for “moya-moya” (もやもや), it’s a fun Japanese word meaning something along the lines of “hazy”, “fuzzy”, or “gloomy”. It feels like moya-moya and moratoriums tend to go hand-in-hand, and hence the blog name. It’s pretty appropriate for what this blog is about too, considering how omnipresent moratoriums are as a theme in the world of anime. Having named myself “moyatori” (more because names are sadly limited with free WordPress domains), I suppose I still feel quite connected to that state of being. Well, that and the fact that moyatori sounds like a type of cute bird (`Θ´).

I hope to figure out how this blog thing works soon and actually get to posting things. I hope it goes well, after all, as someone who didn’t even know what WordPress was last week, this is quite a venture.

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